I've got biliary cirrhosis. What consequences should I be looking for?

Liver problems. With primary biliary cirrhosis the small bile ducts in the liver are affected. As time goes on cirrhosis of the liver can result. This results in jaundice and itching. As cirrhosis worsens people have issues with enlarged veins around the esophagus, stomach and rectum. These can cause severe bleeding. Also complete liver failure can result.
A bunch. Autoimmune infl of bile ducts in liver. May present with fatigue, pain, itching.Medical and nutritional rx can slow progression. Can lead to cirrhosis (scarring), varicose veins of esophagus, stomach (these can bleed-a lot), mental status/cognitive changes, osteoporosis, liver cancer, vitamin deficiencies (a, d, e, k), high cholesterol, swelling, jaundice.; may need liver transplant if severe enough.