I don't know much about herbal medicine but don't have good insurance. Are there any plant treatments for chronic liver disease?

Not known. There are definitely herbal medicines which may produce chronic liver disease and a variety of other problems. Otc substances are not controlled by the fda, and as such you have little guarantee of what they contain. There are numerous reports in the literature of people being substantially harmed by toxic materials within these herbal preparations. Be careful.
Q is do they work? Coffee may have some good effects on liver function. Milk thistle is commonly taken, and recommended; source of chemical-silymarin. In studies, IV silymarin, in high doses, can have benefit in a variety of liver issues; safety-? ; unavailable in us. Milk thistle by mouth does not supply a very large amt, is not well absorbed by the gut; reasonably nontoxic. None have proven efficacy.