How will having biliary cirrhosis affect my long-term health?

Bad if untreated. An immuno-genetic disease, of which 90% are female, typically 40-60 years old. The disease affects asians, caucasians, jews, african. Family clustering is common. Early symptoms are fatigue, itching before jaundice, RUQ pain. Untreated pbc leads to progressive liver failure with its sequelae. Advanced age, liver/spleen enlargement, ascites, low albumin, fibrosis, cirrhosis predict worst prognosis.

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Has anyone survived primary biliary cirrhosis for long?

Yes. There are some new medications that have been effective for stopping the progression of primary biliary cirrhosis, particularly urso- deoxycholic acid. In addition, liver transplanation can be lifesaving, and patients can live normal lifespans after liver transplantation, although the need for anti- rejection drugs can affect the quality of life and cause complications which shorten life as well. Read more...