What are the symptoms of child with diabetes?

Drinking and peeing. Kids with type 1 diabetes will have to drink and pee a lot. This is especially noticeable when it happens overnight causing disrupted sleep. Some may start wetting the bed again. Many kids are also hungrier and lose weight before diagnosis.
And Weight Loss. Drink a lot, pee a lot, eat unbelivable quantities of food and eventually serious weight loss in relatively early stages. A pearl--if a child sleeps 8-10 hrs at night without peeing, diabetes very highly unlikely.
3 poly's -- Polydipsia (drink a lot), polyuria (pee a lot), polyphagia (eat a lot). If advanced, confusion, rapid breathing, and coma are possible.
Depends on the type. Increased thirst and urination, even unintentional weight loss can be typical of type 1 diabetes, but type 2 can be more subtle. A positive family history is for t2dm is an important "symptom", acanthosis nigricans (dark discoloration of the skin in folds of neck or arm pits) can be seen, weight gain and --yes-- frequent urination and thirst. The diagnosis is made by lab studies--get them!

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What are their symptoms that make doctors suspect child with diabetes?

Apetite/weight loss. Kids develop dm after an infection destroys their Insulin production. Insulin is a carrier protein that transfers sugar from the blood to cells for energy, if there is no insulin, the blood sugar builds up & begins to draw water & sugar into the urine. The kid eats & pees like crazy but gets sick , looses 10 lb in a week & ends up in an er. Milder presentations can occur. Read more...
Type 1 diabetes. Excessive thirst, frequent urination and unexplained weight loss are the classic triad of symptoms. These may be precipitated by a systemic infection associated with fever or may occur in isolation and become progressively severe over days to weeks. Read more...