My doctor diagnosed me with cushing disease. Just checking - what's the best treatment.?

Surgery. Cushings disease is due to a pituitary tumor that makes a hormone that stimulates cortisol production. Surgery is the treatment of choice, but additional treatment with radiation and medication is often necessary.
Pls see below. Cushing's disease is different than cushing's syndrome. Cushing's disease is caused by a tumor or enlargement (hyperplasia) of the pituitary gland. The best treatment is to take it out through surgery. If the surgery is incomplete, radiation treatment can then be used. Lastly, if these treatments are not successful, the adrenal glands may need to be removed to stop the production of cortisol.
Surgery. Best treatment option is to remove the pituitary adenoma (tumor) by resection trough the nose (transphenoidal resection) in the case of incomplete cure or relapse, another surgery or other treatments may need to be used. Currently, medical therapies are being looked at: pasireotide, Cabergoline to help to manage persistently elevated cortisol levels after surgery.