What does it mean when a man has broken collar bone?

Sling for 4-8 wks. Clavicle (collarbone) fractures are one of the most commonly broken bones. The majority are treated non-surgical with a sling, shoulder immob, or figure 8 splint. Clavicle can accept a fair amount of displacement prior to requiring surgery. The healing time is 2-4 months depending on age (younger = faster).
Fracture collar bone. This what dose it means there crack in the collar bone. Thank good luck.
Collar bone. This bone is called the clavicle. The treatment for the fracture depends on where the bone is fractured and how displaced the fragments are. It can be treated with either a sling or surgery. This needs to be discussed with an orthopedist.

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My mother has broken collar bone. Does that mean anything significant?

No unless. She have any complicatio with it, other wise she will okay. Good luck thank you.
Clavicle fracture. The clavicle is the term for the collarbone. It is a very common bone to fracture and usually does not need surgery unless there is significant displacement. Most fractures heal uneventfully in a sling after 6-8 weeks. Physical therapy is usually started after it heals to prevent joint stiffness.
Depends. If she broke the bone from a fall and the xray only showed a fracture, then likely no. If if broke on its own or with little trauma there may be bone loss from age or other causes. You can sometimes have bones break easily if there is an underlying tumor called a pathologic fracture. This would not be the most common thing.