My fiance has basilar skull fracture and now I wonder what I am getting into. Will this affect his ability to work?

Mabye. He should get immediate attention in an er. The dr there can best judge what impact this will have on him [and your relationship].
Basilar skull fx. Most basilar skull fractures heal on their own without long-term adverse effects. The most significant part of the injury is the concussion to the back of the head, which usually resolves. In some cases there may be a loss of smell and/or vertigo, which can be permanent in a few people. In severe fractures, there may be leakage of spinal fluid which would need to be surgically repaired.

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How to get the health care to acknoweledge I have a csf leak from the basilar skull fracture I suffered with?

???? This is a hard, or impossible question to answer. Has it been established that you have this, or are you assuming this but have been told you don't have this??? This is extremely rare, and is diagnosed by sx of head pain when standing. Read more...
Imaging studies. You could request further imaging studies such as an mri scan to provide some objective determination about if this is the case. Also possibly seeking a second opinion if you are not comfortable with the treatment you are getting is an prion as well. Read more...