How will bacterial meningitis affect the health of my child?

Varies. Bacterial meningitis can have effects from no long lasting problems to severe problems with hearing loss, seizures, etc. It depends on what the organism was that caused it and whether or not it was treated promptly. If your child has had bacterial meningitis, he/she will need close follow up to determine if any lasting effects are present.
May not. Many, if not most, children who recover from bacterial meningitis may not have any long-lasting problems. Sometimes it may affect hearing, produce other neurologic changes, but these will hopefully not occur to your child.
Bacterial meningitis. It can cause rsidual barin problems, hearing deficits from antibiotics, but if treated promptly may have no long term problems.

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What do you suggest if my child has had bacterial meningitis 3 times?

Time for consultatn. If your kid had any form of bacterial meningitis more than once, I would send you to see a pediatric infectious disease specialist to find out why.If the kid received the recommended vaccines as an infant, this should never happen. . Read more...

Is it possible for other health problems to occur due to having bacterial meningitis earlier this year?

CAN BE SEQUELAE. Bacterial meningitis is a quite significant event and indeed may take many months to recover. Sequelae can include problems with hearing, chronic headaches and dizziness. Changes in mood and behavior, challenges with cognitive and organizational functions. It could take several months to fully stabilize. Consult with your doctor frequently and work as a team to overcome residua. Read more...