What symptoms does someone with bowel perforation always have?

Bowel perforation. Usually associated with severe abdominal pain, the patient is usually not able to move much, and laying still helps decrease the pain. Fever and increase in WBC count is also a finding as well as free air on xrays.
Pain. Usually severe abdominal pain either localized or diffusely thru the abdomen, fever, distention of the abdomen qand a change in bowels. If in doubt go to pcp or er and get an xray or ct scan. The sooner it is diagnosed and treated the better you will.

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A year ago I felt bowel perforation symptoms for 2 days after using anal toys. My irksome bowels beg the question: did I really hurt my colon or anus?

??Perforation?? If you had bowel perforation that went untreated you would not survive! if you scratched/scraped/cut some of the inner surfaces in your rectal area it obviously healed to some degree but may have left some scarred tissue. If you cut the muscles within the anus, it could cause a stricture or a difficult to close outlet. A simple rectal exam by your doc could provide better info & help you improve. Read more...