What symptoms does someone with bowel obstruction have?

Pain, vomiting, etc. A bowel obstruction causes generalized, cramping abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, distention, and the absence of passage of gas or stool (obstipation).
Numerous. Usually abdominal pain, distention of the abdomen, nausea, vomitting, no bm or flatus for longer than normal. Most patient will also have a history of prior abdominal surgery of some kind as most obstructions are due to ssurgical adhesions. However tumors, benign or malignant can also cause obstruction as well as strictures from inflammation. Get checked.

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What are the symptoms of bowel obstruction?

Pain & vomiting. Diffuse cramping abdominal pains, recurrent vomiting, abdomen may become distended, lack of bowel movement. Usually the person would also have a history of some type of prior abdominal surgery.

I was wondering what are some symptoms, diagnoses and causes of bowel obstruction?

Bowel obstruction. Mainly these include abdominal pain, distention (swelling), nausea, vomiting treatment varies and can either include nasogastric decompression and hydration to surgical intervention.

What are signs and symptoms of bowel obstruction?

Crampy pain, nausea. Bowel obstruction usually begins with loss of appetite and crampy pain in the abdomen. Usually, bowel gas and bowel movements slow down, and in some cases completely stop. Since food and saliva can't go anywhere, vomiting usually occurs. Most people who have a bowel obstruction have had previous surgery.
Several symptoms. Pain, vomiting bile (green fluid), abdominal distention are some of symptoms. Frequent bowel movements may occur early in obstruction. Many patients with small bowel obstruction have had previous surgeries and adhesions or scars are cause of obslruction. Less commonly tumors can be cause. Sometimes congenital bowel anomalies like malrotation can resut in twisting of bowel.

Describe signs and symptoms of a bowel obstruction?

See below. Abdominal pain, bloating, cramping and pressure, vomiting, lack of bowel movement. Usually associated with scar tissue from past surgery. Need to be examined by a doctor to differentiate from severe constipation.
Pain and vomiting. The usual symptoms if a bowel obstruction include campy abdominal pain and abdominal distension and vomiting and decreased vowel movements hospital admission is required.

I just had a bowel obstruction and surgery for the first time in my life dr said should have never happened. A week later I am having same symptoms c?

See your Dr. If you are developing the same symptoms as before the surgery you should see your surgeon or ER doctor as soon as possible. It's unlikely you have another bowel obstruction and more likely your bowels have not "woken up" completely yet, but to be sure you should have some x-rays at the very least.