Are there different options for treating borderline personality?

Yes. Many treatments have demonstrated effectiveness for borderline personality disorder. All involve a long term collaborative relationship with a therapist. Beneficial effect lasts long after therapy is completed. But there is no quick fix.
Somewhat. Because bpd involves unstable interpersonal relationships, the hallmark of treatment is developing a healthy relationship with a therapist. But dialectic behavioral therapy helps best with self harming behaviors.
Yes. Therapies include psychoanalytic (often transference-based), cognitive behavior, and dialectical behavior therapy. Many have comorbid emotional illnesses and treating them can help. Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, bipolar affective disorder, attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, and substance abuse disorders are not infrequent. Mood stabilizers and antipsychotics help some.
# of options exist. Borderline personality disorder can be treated with psychotherapy, or "talk" therapy. In some cases, a mental health professional may also recommend medications for certain symptoms. When more than one professional's is involved they need to coordinate with the txmt. plan. Txmts: iinclude Cognitive behavioral & ,Dialectical behavior therapy, Schema-focused,, group therapy & meds if needed.
DBT. Dbt, or dialetic behavioral therapy, formulated and developed by marsha linehan, pH.D. Is currently though of as being very effective. Borderline personality disorder or treatment is more a management issue than an issue that is curable.