What symptoms of brain bleeding are the most common?

Brain bleeding. This is entirely dependent upon the location of the bleeding and the site of the bleeding. For example, you can have quite a large bleeding in the front of the brain on one side and the only symptom might be headache (or even no symptoms). A very small hemorrhage in certain locations deep in the brain can cause paralysis on one side of the body or even coma.

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What are the symptoms of brain bleeding? Are headaches, ringing ears, red eye related? (I was in a car accident didn't hit my head, just back&forth)

Closed head injury. To get brain bleeding from a car accident just by accelerate-decelerate motion of the head is possible if the person is on anticoagulant (blood thinner) and have a brain that is less then healthy, such as in cerebral atrophy. Usual sypmtoms are stiff neck and severe headaches, and confusion. I mean severe! There maybe bleeding from the ear. But ringing and red eye not so clearly related.

Need expert help here. What are the symptoms of your brain bleeding?

Brain bleeding. The most common initial complaint is "this is the worst headache of my life". The headache is sudden in onset and severe.