Ok I've got asperger's syndrome. What should I do?

It depends. You didn't state your age, which can affect recommendations. Assuming you are an adult and that the diagnosis came from someone with the necessary expertise, the next question is how it is impairing your daily functioning, if at all. There is no "cure" for asperger's disorder, but a range of treatments can help with common problem areas ranging from anxiety to obsessions to social awkwardness.
Adaptatiion. Live with it. Adaptation to the advantages and limitations and perceptions of others that are more extraordinary.
Learn social skills. U r wired differently and this has pluses. Relationships are more important than being right. Say only nice things. Talk about the other person's interests. Find a sport based on strength or stamina rather than teamwork or coordination. Immerse yourself in something useful to others (science). Apologize & say u r struggling to learn. Work hard to be kind to others, expecting nothing in return.