Have severe intestinal pain for 2 years now. Had mre of small bowel and colonoscopy w/biopsies, stool samples. All normal. Doc says ibs. Could this be crohns? I eat bland and still have pain.

Eating bland? Does that include sugar and sweeteners? If so try doing without. Another possibility is milk and milk products including cheese. Agree that most likely diagnosis is ibs.
See details. Without specifics concerning location, type and relationship to food intake, it is difficult to be precise in an answer. You could obtain a 2nd opinion. I assume you have been screened for celiac disease. One possible cause is a vascular problem.

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Doc says ibs. I have had mre small bowel, CT scan with vein contrast, colonoscopy, blood tests. All were normal. What are the chances I have crohns?

Very low. If all the above were normal including colonoscopy and colon biopsies then your chances of having crohn's is very slim. New evidence points to fructose and high fructose corn syrup as the culprit in ibs. Try to avoid the for few weeks and see. Read more...
Zero. If all tests and colonoscopy normal. Ibs is most commonly caused by poor diet affecting the lower brain that sends action signals to the bowel. Commonest cause is sugary "junk" food and beverages. Read more...