Is having cerebral palsy in child something to worry about? My wife is upset since my daughter's doctor visit.

Depends. CP is a disorder of movement or posture related to brain injury that occurred at some point from pregnancy until the third birthday. It can be associated with many other related problems depending on the expent. Each case is somewhat unique & most are mild and improve with developmental therapy like pt. It sounds like you need a family conference with dr or referral to a developmental center.
Cerebral palsy txes. Cerebral palsy might be helped with mild hyperbaric treatments talk with a specialist in hyperbaric txes.
Possibly. Cerebral palsy is a disorder which affects the brain and therefore all of the functions of the brain. It can manifest itself as muscle spasms, joint problems, speech problems, intelligence, etc. There are many different types and severity of CP and without knowing exactly the type that she has, it's difficult to tell you what to expect.