I m feeling very sleepy and weak. I sleep 9hrs a day. Please suggest why it is happening as I can't wake up early in the morning.

Weakness+Somnolence. Sorry to hear about your symptoms. They can certainly be debilitating. Please see your dr as the list of possible things that can cause you to feel sleepy and weak are many. Some common causes are depression, sleep apnea, and under active thyroid. There are many more. Some are benign and can be easily treated and some are more serious and may require a more diligent take than can be provided here.
If there is a change. If there is a recent change in your sleep patterns and energy levels then you should be worked up by a physician who can do a further work up to find out if there is an underlying reason for your changes. It could be depression, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, medications you might be taking, mononucleosis, a virus, or it could be your thyroid gland. See a physician for further workup.