I try to avoid toxic drugs and treatments. What can I try before I go for traditional medical care for bipolar disorder?

I'm sorry, But i know of no "natural" mood stabilizers other than lithium, which is a salt listed on the periodic chart of the elements. It is only available by prescription because even natural things can kill you.
No one likes drugs. Fortunately there are medicines that can control bipolar symptoms in most cases--the earlier u make use of them the more effective they r likely 2 be--i witnessed treatment before we had these meds & it was not good--relationships, jobs, academic efforts & lives ruined by the untreated illness.
Bipolar illness. Unfortunately there are no "traditional" treatment modalities for bipoloar disorder that have been proven to be effective. If you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the only two types of treatments that have been shown to be effective include medications and psychotherapy.
Toxic? There are good and bad effects to any treatment, and also, good and bad effects of not receiving treatment. One must always, carefully, weigh the risks and benefits of any treatment. I bet there are many who are actually greatly helped by a treatment referred to by some as toxic. Doctors take an oath, to do no harm. It would be unethical to give a patient a toxic treatment.
Scary question. No individual advice about what you personally try should be given without seeing a doctor in person. Before modern psychiatric medications the lack of any effecitve or "traditional" medicine meant some individuals with the disorder often were unemployed, ended up in joails or asylums, hurt others, or killed themselves. That's pretty toxic. As always there are risks of treating and of not.