I hit the the middle/top of my foot 2 hours ago. It is very painful; there is no swelling/bruising. It hurts to wiggle my toes. I can walk. Applying ice is painful. Whatshould I do?

Could be.... A number of different things, like damage to the extensor tendons on top of the foot, nerve injury, bone 'bruise, ' or even fracture. It's best to get this checked out to be sure there isn't more damage than you think.
Contusion. You most likely bruised your extensor tendons on the top of your foot. Ice the area even though it is sensitive seek an podiatric/orthopedic consult.
Stress Fracture. Possible stress fracture with damage to extensor tendons. Need x-ray to make sure there is no displacement of fracture. Just because you can walk doesn't mean no fracture. Get it checked!