Believe in power of prayer. Will it work for chronic pain?

Yes faith helps. Chronic pain is best treated with a holistic approach with pain medication, exercise, sleep, supplements as well as faith. The public health literature has shown that patients who believe they are in better health and or have more faith, do better. Whatever one's spiritua beliefs are, the more time you can change the perception of pain by accessing the subconscious mind (meditation), better for u.
The power of belief. Although not a substitute for a thorough evaluation for the cause of pain, there is evidence that the power of belief can modify the perception of pain and quality of life. I would recommend that appropriate medical evaluations and treatment along with prayer if it feels comfortable to the patient could be a good combination.
Puzzled. You seem to be contradicting yourself. Right after you say you believe in the power of prayer, you question the power of prayer. If you believe in the power of prayer for anything, wouldn't you believe in the power of prayer for everything?
The Power of Prayer. Absolutely. As an imperfect human, my skills as a physician are limited to the gifts bestowed upon me by our creator. As a result of these limitations, i may only be able to comfort, but not cure. When we finally realize we really can't make this journey ourselves, we can find peace and comfort in prayer. The inexplicable power of prayer is something we could all benefit from, so do it always!