If you get coronary artery dissection, how do you feel?

Coronary artery. A crushing chest pain, the kind of pain that you have never experience before. This may be followed by sudden collapse as the patient develops serious and life-threatening heart rhythm problems.
Like fixing it.. Dissection of the coronary arteries is where layers of the wall of arteries that supply blood to heart muscle split because of high pressure or injury (like a stent). This blocks blood flow and can cause damage to heart muscle. Most of the time, it must be fixed immediately.

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Can you die from coronary artery dissection?

Yes. Depending on the extent, location, coronary territory involved, coronary rupture or not, acute thrombosis or not, able to correct or not.
Yes. Coronary artery dissection is a serious condition which may mostly lead to a massive heart attack and death. Needs an immediate medical attention.
Yes. These tend to occur as part of ascending aortic dissection or during coronary catheterization and they could be fatal.

What sort of disorder is a coronary artery dissection?

Coronary dissection. A coronary artey dissection commonly occurs when a plaque causes the lining of the blood vessel to peel away and obstruct the lining of the vessel effectively causing a heart attack.
Serious. It means a tear in the coronary arterial wall and almost always leads to sudden cessation of vital blood flow to the heart muscle ie. A heart attack.

What things make coronary artery dissection more likely?

Intervention. Cardiac catheterization uses small catheters that are threaded into the coronary arteries to repair damage and remove clots that cause heart attacks. However, a risk of this procedure is the inside wall of the artery being torn which leads to the dissection. Often this requires emergency surgery to repair.
Instrumentation. Coronary artery dissection is one of the potential complications of percutaneous coronary intervention.

What is the definition or description of: coronary artery dissection?

A slpit in the vesse. Arteries are made up of several layers - sort of like an onion. If there is a partial tear in the inner layer, then a high pressure of jet of blood entering this tear can cause the layers to separate. This can potentially occlude (block off the artery) which can cause a heart attack.

Do people with coronary artery dissection have a lot of pain?

Usually. Coronary dissections can be induced or rarely be spontaneous. They can occur during coronary interventions. If flow to the heart muscle severely compromised, myocardial necrosis may occur. If not corrected may progress to thrombosis, acute cardiac death, acute potentially fatal arrythmias, low cardiac output syndrome.

Give me a hint. What kind of hassle am I facing if doc suspects coronary artery dissection? What is required to diagnose?

Coronary angiography. Your cardiologist will carry out a coronary catheterization and angiography and determine weather or not there is one.
Not good. Depending on the degree of obstruction the dissection causes, you're facing anything from no symptoms to acute coronary syndrome to a full blown heart attack (myocardial infarction). There is only one way to accurately diagnose coronary dissection: with coronary angiography. Period.