Are there natural ways to treat carbon monoxide poisoning?

None. Carbon monoxide fits better into the hemoglobin molecule than oxygen and it stays in tight. With enough exposure, you will displace your oxygen and starve your tissues leading to death in some cases. There is no natural way to reverse this. You need to be seen at the er immediately if there is a suspicion of this toxicity.
Fresh air. If the condition is mild then geting away from the source of co and getting lots of clean air is the best treatment.Please see your primary provider if this condition doesn't improve.

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Is there any way to treat carbon monoxide poisoning?

Best is prevention. If any question of heating system problems in home, or issues with an automobile, get addressed asap. If already exposed, and some neurological residua, seek neurological attention. Cognitive problems might respond to memory enhancing agents, the parkinsonian issues perhaps with Dopamine agonists, etc. Read more...