Rdw is 14.4 what is this? Bilirubin is 1.55 are these related? Gallbladder function 17% CT scan showed no blockage or stones. Can I still have stones?

Bile duct problems? Rdw - red cell distribution width, has been suggested to be a marker to distinguish benign from cancerous bile duct lesions. Your level is below the threshold for malignancy (14.8%), but more importantly is that your ct scan did not show blockage, but ct is not good for stones, us is better. Other liver function tests can be helpful, as well as determining if the slightly elevated bill is benign.
Ultrasound. An ultrasound is more sensitive for gallstones. A hida scan with Kinevac is more sensitive for biliary cholic ( gb pain). Some people have gilbert's which is just mildly elevated bilirubin and this is congenital and does not need treatment.