What choices do I have for treating atherosclerosis?

So many! Start with a healthy diet-vegetarian, vegan, low animal fat or some variant. Add exercise: 30 minutes 5 days a week minimum if able. If you're smoking: stop! If you're overweight or obese, start to slowly aim for normal weight. Have your cholesterol checked and treat with meds if necessary. Check your BP and treat if needed. Finally, choose your parents wisely!
Risk factors. The risk factors for peripheral vascular disease are hypertension, diabetes, cholesterolemia and smoking. All of these risks should be modified and decreased if one has pvd. Smoking is by far the worst of these so please do not smoke.
LDL Drives HDL Stops. Atherosclerosis, typically starts ~age 7, is primarily driven by lipoproteins (the proteins which transport fat in the water outside cells), not cholesterol (made by every cell), thus optimize NMR particle test (HDL & LDL concentration, not cholesterol), keep HbA1c low, optional =5.0%, SBP≤120 mmHg, don’t smoke, exercise, avoid carbohydrates, Study: www. Garytaubes. Com, Lustig https://goo. Gl/EekLLc.
Nutrition, Lifestyle. I think dr. Werner gave excellent advice. There's a very good documentary on nutrition i'd recommend- forks over knives. You can get it via netflix. Http://www. Forksoverknives. Com/.