For what reasons do you perform circumcisions?

Controversial. Religous and personal reasons aside, do the medical benefits outweigh the risks? All reading of the data seem to support the benefits.But is that enough? Should we be doing procedures to minimize very rare conditions such as penile cancer? We need, i think, more substantial research data.
Because you ask. Circumcisions are a personal choice common to various religious or cultural practices. They are common to some parts of the world and not other. They are simple and heal rapidly in newborns but become problamatic as you get older. There are some supportive data on uti's & std's. In the end it is a matter of personal choice.
Because I'm GU Dr. I circumcise after informing parents or older child of benefits and risks because it's my job.Circumcisions are performed for religious reasons or because many think it more hygienic.It is if you don't wash.Others have it done to prevent future problems with atight foreskin (phimosis) others have it done after episodes of balanitis (inflammation of penile glans), esthetics, premature ejaculations.