My mother has a kidney problem. Now she says her doctor told her weeks ago she has calciphylaxis. What will that do to her?

?biopsy. Make sure diagnosis is really confirmed. Calciphylaxis is a serious disorder that causes calcium deposition in vessels that can occur throughout the body and can cause skin lesions that become painful ischemic/necrotic ulcers; it can cause death. Calciphylaxis typically occurs in people with end stage renal disease on dialysis, recent kidney transplant patients and primary hyperparathryoidism.
Calciphylaxis. This is a serious issue. The deposits of calcium lead to disturbed blood flow to organs, muscles, and skin. There are patches of purple/black areas on the skin, indicating tissue that has died. The disruption of blood flow can be throughout the body and can cause varied problems with different organs. Try to keep the chemicals (electrolytes) in balance (especially calcium and phosphorous).
Calcium in vessels. A syndrome related to kidney failure with calcium deposition in blood vessel walls and skin necrosis blood calcium levels are elevated and calcified vessels are seen on leg x-rays. Abnormal function of the parathyroid gland is present due to other things a number of other proteins dealing with bone metabolism appear involved bad leg ulcers may develop.