My mom has a bad opiate addiction we already know she needs professional help but with no insurance and low income nobody seems to want to help?

A clinic is best. Your mom should get treatment and your advocacy for her is important. Without insurance, the best place to get treatment is in a clinic setting. See if there is a city or community based clinic that can see your mom. Hope this answer helps. Best of luck.
NA. I agree w dr. Awan. Many people deal with their addictions through 12 step programs. Narcotics anonymous is free & confidential. It will give your mother a support system with people who really do understand. She will learn about other ways to cope besides drugs. The first issue is not whether someone else wants to help your mother, it is whether your mother wants to help herself.
County services. Not sure where you are located but most states provide some sort of funding at county or locality level in order to help people with no insurance. Find out how your locality's department of mental health handles substance abuse services. Good luck.