I have polycystic ovaries and high levels of shbg. I am showing signs of high testosterone (excess body hair, acne, absent periods, etc). Why is this?

Part of the disease. Unfortunately it is part of the disease process , in addition most with pco will tend to be obese , irregular periods , will have fertility problems , along with associated diabetes and hypertension , do not get discouraged , now good treatments are available , now it is the time follow with your doctor closely with out missing appointments.

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I have bad skin& hair, prone to acne, excessive body hair & an athletic body shape. If a blood test shows I have high testosterone what can I be given?

It won't. . You won't have high t. You may have high conversion of t to Dht which causes some of your symptoms. You need to practice food facial hygiene, trim body hair regularly and celebrate your athletic body. Read more...