Sun exposure? Or phototherapy? Which would be the best treatment for pityriasis lichenoides for black skin?

Both, but. Both have similar effects and wavelengths of light that can be useful. However, it's a bit more difficult to control the harmful effects and 'dose' of sunlight. Also, if you have a week of rainy days, you interrupt your therapy. While one or two days without treatment may not be a big deal, the best way to treat is a consistent schedule, which would be available with phototherapy.

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How effective is phototherapy treatment for pityriasis lichenoides chronica on african americans?

Pityriasis lichenoid. It is difficult to treat but I have had some caucasian patients that have responded to phototherapy for this condition. Since black skin contains a spf of about 12 the dose of the light would need to be adjusted. It is a relatively benign treatment so it is worth a trial. Read more...