What are the signs for internal bleeding after having your gall bladder removed?

Signs of hypovolemia. Blood loss after gallbladder surgery will be minimum , especially with laparoscopic surgery , most of the time loss is no more than your blood tests , if excessive internal bleeding progressive rise of pulse rate will raise , fall of b.P. Excessive drainage of blood if there is a drain , if untreated hypovolemic shock.
Fast heart rate. You are concerned about bleeding after gallbladder surgery. Bleeding after gallbladder is extremely rare but can happen. Your body responds to blood loss by increasing the heart rate. Pain after surgery can also increase the great rate but resolves with pain control. Laporoscopic surgery allows better visualization to decrease chances of bleeding.
Also pain. I agree with the previous answer but also pain from irritation of the area and pail skin are signs that you may notice.