How to stop hair loss 3 1/2 months after gastric sleeve surgery?

Vitamin deficiency. You may have a shotage of fatty acids or a vitamin deficiency. A bariatric center of excellence should have info on staying healthy during weight loss. Ask your surgeon.
Normal. This is totally normal and will resolve on its own. It is known as telogen effluvium-which in plain english is hair loss that occurs approximately 3 months after a stressful event such as surgery, weight loss, giving birth or a stressful event. Sometimes people prescribe topical Minoxidil which is over the counter to help it resolve faster. However it will resolve on its own.

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38 yo two years after successful bariatric gastric sleeve surgery experiencing rapid hair loss. What do I do?

Need follow up. Hair loss and skin changes are often due to nutritional issues. Bariatric patient have unique nutritional needs and deficiencies can worsen over time.
Doctor. Talk to your doctor and this may be due to a vitamin deficiency. Get tested.
Think Zn, biotin tsh. Early hair loss after bariatric surgery is temporary and related to diversion of nutrients away from hair. Delayed onset hair loss would warrant extra biotin and zinc. Also ask your doctor to check TSH which assesses thyroid function. Might also check testosterone level.