Is code 3 mammogram benign I hope I don t have cancer no one said I did so you are saying im not out of the woods yet?

Code 3 mammogram. In a small percentage of mammograms, after appropriate workup with additional views and ultrasound, the findings cannot be clearly called benign, nor are they worrisome enough for biopsy. These mammograms are called code 3. Code 1 & 2 are benign, and 4 & 5 are suspicious. If code 3, a 6 month followup evaluation (usually repeat mammogram and ultrasound of just the breast of concern.
You are not in woods. Do not worry , radiologist classify reading mammography , by a scale bi rads i to IV or grade based on certain criteria , i means not suspicious IV highly specious , need biopsy for final diagnosis , iii means you need to be observed, most of the time nothing , ignoring it means neglecting , make sure to follow with your doctor, sometimes may need biopsy thanks dr accurso nice explanation.
BIRADS code 3 is. defined as "probably benign". Technically there is less than a 2% chance of malignancy, in practice it is less than 1%. Usually these are simply followed up at 6 month intervals for 1 or 2 years to confirm stability.