What is penile cancer?

Penis cancer. This is cancer of the penis. It is a malignant condition that will spread if left untreated.
Cancer. Of the penis. Usually squamous cell type...A type of skin cancer.

Related Questions

What causes penile cancer?

Poor hygiene. The most common risk factor for penile cancer is poor hygiene, typically in patients who are not circumcised. Another risk factor inlcudes penile hpv.
Penile Cancer. Penile cancer is more common, although still rare, in uncircumcised men. The human papilloma virus (hpv) has been implicated in many cases studied. In other cases, no direct cause is known.

What is penile cancer? Where do the tumors grow--inside, outside?

Cancer of the penis. Penile cancer is cancer of the glands penis, at the very end of the penis. It can ocurr under the foreskin or at the head.
Skin cancer. Cancer of the penis usually affects the junction of the glans and shaft. Hpv is an etiologic factor. Most of the cancers of the penis are squamous cell carcinomas. They grow on the outside and spread to the local lymph nodes.

What produces penile cancer how long till the penis has to be amputated?

Poor hygiene. Poor penile hygiene, especially in an uncircumcised male. Amputation is required if the cancer invades the underlying tissues.
Combination. A combination of poor hygiene (often not the man's fault if the foreskin is tight) and infection with a cancer-producing strain of hpv. Now that the hpv vaccine is offered to teenaged boys, we will hopefully see even less of this dread tumor. In the meantime, any wart or red spot that doesn't go away needs to be looked at to save this important body part!

What are HPV penile cancer remission and survival rates?

Low, high. Cancer of the penis doesn't remit on its own, but if diagnosed early, the cure rate is very high. Keep an eye on it and report any bumps or red or white lesions early to your physician.

What food will cure penile cancer?

None. Penile cancer can only potentially be cured by surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, or a combination of these therapies.

Doctors, what are symptoms of penile cancer?

Ulcer. An ulcerating lesion of the penis usually on the glans develops with bleeding and then parin. Lesion doesnt rsolve but enlarges frequently requiring amputation.

What the risk of penile cancer from past HPV warts? I've heard conflicting information. I've also read it's almost nonexistent in circumcised men. True?

Yes, . .. Penile cancer has its storng connection with long tight foreskin, and in some cases, some subtypes of HPV like 16 & 18 have been blamed, But, in reality, I would not worry about such as long as the whole glans penis and foreskin can be well exposed and cleansed. To help live a realistic life, peruse articles listed in http://formefirst. Com/onLifeBasics. Html. More? Contact me as needed.
Yes/no. For one thing, the strains that produce warts are not associated with cancer, but you could have picked up non-wart cancer associated strains the same way Since circumcised men have the whole penis available for monitoring, recognition & treatment before any cancerous change would be easier. There is no 100% prevention with a circ, but it sure helps.

What are the causes of penile cancer?

Here are some... The ultimate cause for cancer is the unwanted mutation of local cells leading to their non-stoppable division & growth in mass, which has been known to be associated with HPV infection notably by subtype 16 & 18, phimosis, no circumcision during young age, etc. But, clinically penile cancer is still a rarity. If concerned, see Doc by following info in http://www. Formefirst. Com/onDealSickness. Html.