How is paraphimosis treated?

Usually emergently. Paraphimosis results when the foreskin of an uncircumcized man become trapped behind the head of the penis. This occurs when the opening of the foreskin has been tightening over time. The danger resides in the possible strangulation of the penis, resulting in necrosis. Usually a slit on the dorsum of the penis cutting through the tight band trapping the penis is required with circumcision later.
Foreskin reduced. Immediate treatment for paraphimosis is to pull foreskin back over the penile glans.. Then circumcision is advised in most cases which makes it impossible for paraphimosis to recur. Sometimes an emergency circumcision is required if the paraphimotic skin has become necrotic or gangrenous. Often edematous paraphimotic foreskin has to be compressed before reduction is possible.