My neighbors say my new doctor tends to overdiagnose everyone. He thinks I might have churg-strauss syndrome. Can you tell me the symptoms?

Severe asthma. Css is a form of blood vessel inflammation (vasculitis) that typically presents as severe asthma requiring oral Prednisone to control. Steroids control asthma but not the underlying inflammation so that when your doctor tries to lower the dose other symptoms appear - bruising, rhinitis, gastrointestinal bleeding. The astute physician will note these additional symptoms & order appropriate tests.
Complex. Churg-strauss syndrome (css) is an inflammation of the blood vessels that can lead to chest symptoms that mimic asthma. Css is typically associated with sinus disease, elevated allergy cells in your blood, abnormal chest x-ray finding and neurological symptoms. It is a veery serious disease that typically is misdiagnosed as asthma.