I have large dark spot on my cheeks (both sides)and then now I just realized it was from the (acne scar laser removal eco2) I did 7 month, what to do?

Hyperpigmentation. Post inlfammatory hyperpigmentation or hemosiderosis may not respond well to hydroquinone (hq). Vitamin k oxides are purported to have some effect but I am not convinced. Lasers have mixed results and have occasionally caused worsening due to increased inflammation. I suggest trying test spots first. Use of "peel and bleach" creams (hq +retina +steroid) may be effective but require strict sunblock.
Reevaluate with your. You should make an appointment with your dermatologist that treated you with the laser 7 months ago for reevaluation.
Go back to doctor. Tell him/her about your concerns. S/he may be able to prescribe you a lightening agent or discuss other options to get rid of dark spots. Good luck!