Are there different options for treating allergic rhinitis?

Absolutely. Oral medications, nasal sprays, allergy shots....And of course, avoidance.
Absolutely. It depends on the symptoms and their severity; could be as simple as an antihistamine( like zyrtec , claritin, (loratadine) benadryl), or one may need immunotherapy(i.e. Allergy shots) if medications are not working. Best thing is to consult your friendly allergist and decide on treatment together.
Rhinitis Treatment. 1. Avoidance of material you are allergic to (allergens) 2. Allergy medicines to treat symptoms 3. Immunotherapy or allergy injections to increase tolerance and build immunity to allergens. Avoidance is not always possible. Medicines quit working after a while. Injections give the best protection and improve quality of life. Tests and evaluation by a trained allergist are important.