How is balanitis treated?

Here are... Key rx for balanitis is gentle cleaning ; drying the foreskin regularly, especially after each peeing plus timely ; thinly applying antifungal/steroid cream; definite rx is circumcision + good hygiene. Note: remember to pull down the retracted foreskin after each cleaning ; drying; otherwise, paraphimosis may ensue - an emergency.
BALANITIS. Usually with increased hygiene, close monitoring of the blood sugar and antifungals/topical steroids.
Hygeine, some Meds. Balanitis, technically inflammation of the head of the penis, is usually not infection based. It is most common in uncircumcized men and even more so in diabetics. When infection is present, yeast is the most common element. Treatment may thus require topical antifungal creams or powders. In rare cases, skin breakage from yeast can result in bacterial infection or cellulitis --> antibiotics.