Want to get on with my life. How is breast fibroadenoma diagnosed? When can treatment start?

Biopsy. The only sure way to inentify a breast fibroadenoma is to take a sample of it and to have a pathology doctor look at it under the microscope. This can be done either by taking a needle core biopsy, which can be done in the office, or by doing an excisional biopsy, which removes the entire mass and is done usually in the operating room. Once it is removed, it should not cause ongoing problems.
Exam. Start with physical examination. Then other tests may be needed according to your doctor's judgment. Ultimately, if it's a fibroadenoma, you can ignore it or cut back on caffeine.
Biopsy. The most reliable way to diagnose a fibroadenoma is with a biopsy of the lesion. There are many other lesions that mimic a fibroadenoma either clinically or radiographically. Looking at a sample of the lesion under the microscope should be able to differentiate between the options. Sometimes removal of the entire nodule may be indicated. Speak with your physician or breast surgeon.

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I don't believe in unnecessary medical treatment. Do I really need to treat breast fibroadenoma?

If large, have remov. Breast fibroadenoma's are firm, fairly large masses in the breast that are most often benign. However, if not removed, can confuse a patient during self exam to ignore an underlying malignant mass. Therefore, they are often surgically removed. Do not confuse this condition with "fibrocystic breasts" as they are very different entities. ".
Not necessarily. A fibroadenoma is a benign breast lump that does not turn into cancer or necessitate removal. Sometimes they shrink over time or after a biopsy. The most important issue is being sure that any lump in the breast is 100% evaluated and explained. If the fibroadenoma were to get larger, one worries that there might be a cancer behind it or a new lump is ignored thinking it is only a fibroadenoma.