Of all the related conditions, is bulimia one of the better or worse ones to have, in terms of effects on health and well-being?

It's not a contest. These are serious conditions. Having any of them is not healthy. Every individual is different, so the impact of a given disease varies from individual to individual. Concentrate on getting yourself better without comparing to others who may be "worse off, or better off.".
Bulimia is saddest. Bulimics don't want to bulimic. They are depressed and feel shamed by the problems they face. Anorexeics unfortunately, feel successful in their weight loss even though it could end their life it is this success that keeps them from true help. Bulimics feel shamed by by their perceived "lack of control", therefore, bulimia could have the most ability to be treated but, anorexics, feel they are o-k.
Depends on Severity. Compared to anorexia, bulimia tends to be less severe in terms of a lower risk of life-threatening medical complications. However, bulimia can cause chronic problems with metabolism, resulting in medical complications. Consistent treatment is important.