Is there one best test to diagnose binge eating?

Best expert Doc. Binge eating disorder is best diagnosed not by a physician in general practice, but, by a physician who treats it chronicallly and consistently with success. Binge eatiing is not a psychological or mental disorder. It is the lack of normal physiologic desire for food. These patients are not "mental" nor "psycho". They are patients that have tried "too"hard..... Too few docs recognize this..
Knowlegeable Dr. Binge eating disorder starts with very resrictive eating pattern it is an overwhelmining problem with lack of control about feeling full. Starvation mode-why a restrictive eating program will never work!patients who who feel they no longer can control their hunger but, it is not their fault. They have "lost" their normal feelings of satiety.But, they, and their drs don't get it! docs need insight.
No. Problems with binge eating are based purely on the behavior itself. Either a person has this behavior or not. It is not really something that a test is used to uncover.