What causes peyronie's disease?

Unknown? It's a sexually disabling penile condition resulting from local scar-like tissue hardening in the thick confinements (tunica albuginea) of corpora cavernosa, leading to pain in some and penile curvature at erection for all. Usually, happens to middle aged with mean age at 53, but possible in younger or older. Its cause is idiopathic (unknown), though maybe coexisting with dupuytren's of palms.
Not completely known. But overall felt to be multifactorial including genetics, trauma, and poor tissue perfusion (blood flow). These issue seem to set a person up for the pathologic fibrotic process that leads to the peyronie's.
PEYRONIES. Some feel it is a missed injury but this idea is quite rapidly loosing favor. It is self limiting 70% of the time.
Trauma. Peyronie's disease is scarring and inflammation of the lining of the chambers of the penis. This is usually from the result of previous penile trauma including sexual activity. In most cases, patients, cannot remember an inciting event. This is a cancerous condition but can affect erectins and cause penile pain.