Is duck red or white meat?

White meat. Red meat is typically used to describe muscle tissue of mammals (beef, pork, game). Pork is not a white meat, despite its pale color. Meat of birds is white meat. It comes in white/light vs dark meat depending on what the muscle was used for. Duck is just a darker, fattier bird (at least when farmed).
Red meat. The distinction between red and white meat is a culinary distinction and depends on whether or not the color of the meat changes after it is cooked. The breast meat of the duck, similar to that of a chicken might be considered white. This is not a medical/biology question unfortunately... This is for a chef.
Red. The color of fowl meat relates to the composition of the meat. White meat has minor amounts of myoglobin while red meat has a lot. This colors the meat redder. Ducks due to their environment have plenty of fat as well. Personally i find duck to be delicious especially as chinese barbeque. Hopefully you live where you can get some prepared this way.
Looks like a duck. Duck meat is very fatty, whatever you'd call it. Fat tastes good, which is why it's such a delicacy, but very fatty.