How to get rid of numbness after dentist?

Reversal of numbness. is possible by using a new medication OraVerse Local anesthetics also represent the safest and most effective drugs in all of medicine for the prevention and management of pain.After administration numbness usually persists for several hours. Today with OraVerse no need to wait for numbness to disappear. Ask your dentist for more information.
Massage/warm wet tow. Massaging the numb area gently will increase the blood flow to that spot and help the more rapid metabolism of the anesthetic. A warm, moist towel will do the same thing. Moving your jaw around to exercise the jaw muscles will help. Definitely let your dentist know if the numbness lasts more than 5 hours, and don't eat while you're numb.
Be patient. If you are numb from the local anesthesia that you were given, you’ll just have to wait until the effects of the anesthesia on the nerves wear off. This varies depending upon which anesthetic was used & your body's metabolism. Your dentist should have given you some indication of what to expect following the procedure. Give it some time and call you dentist if you have any questions\concerns.
A few hours . Depending on the type of anesthesia, should go away on its own. How long have you been numb? What procedure did you have performed? What type if anesthetic was used? Oraverse can be used right after a procedure to shorten the affects of the anesthesia. If it has been more than a day, i would definitely call your dentist.
Time. Depending on the type of local anesthesia used, it can take an hour or several hours for the anesthetic to run it's course. Call your dentist if you are still numb for more than a day.