If im 39 weeks and being induced could I have a bigger chance of having a C-section then having him normal?

Depends on reason. If you are being induced, the risk is always somewhat greater for c-section than if you go into labor on your own. That said, if the induction is a timing & not a health issue, there is always the risk your dates are a little off, & the more premature the baby is, the greater the risk of c-section due to failed induction. If the induction is being done for health reasons, the risk is worth it.
Not BECAUSE of. If you are not progressing, you are already at risk. Induction is hoping to reduce risk of c-section. Btw, i highly recommend epidural since Pitocin (oxytocin) causes powerful contractions. I often try placing epidural before induction started when it is easier (less swelling and movement). I then load the medication in it once you are actively progressing. Epidural does not slow active labor.