Got blood results today and indicate high iron levels. Is there anything I can do about it?

Yes, but... It depends on why you are having too much iron...You should find out the underlying disease...If it is very mild, may not need to do anything. Stop all supplements if u r taking. Donate blood regularly will lower your iron level, if you need so--in such disease as hemochromatosis etc.. Young and healthy male may have higher iron than average, females have a bit less due to monthly loss..
High iron. Some folks use the term "high iron" for high hemoglobin. You may have been dehydrated, have polycythemia of some sort, and i trust you're not on anabolic steroids. High serum iron can result from taking an iron-rich vitamin pill before the test, or warn of something as serious-and-treatable as hemochromatosis. Ask your doctor to calculate your transferrin saturation.
Depends on cause. A genetic variant causing high iron levels in tissue and blood, hemochromatosis, is one of the most common genetic diseases. If you have hemochromatosis, periodic removal of blood, phlebotomy, can remove excess iron and may prevent organ damage. See your doctor for treatment.