I feel dizzy a headache and a stomach ache?

See a Dr. Especially if this is a new development. If this is an old problem, it is probably a migraine headache. You need to see a doc face to face to really make a accurate diagnosis.
Fluids and rest. If you feel dizzy avoid activities like driving! Dizziness may be due to decreased fluid volume so it is important to stay well hydrated. If your stomach ache is causing diarrhea or decreased appetite, this may also contribute to fluid loss and dizziness. If you are still feeling dizzy consider calling your primary care physician or going to the local er.

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Symptoms: stomach ache, dizziness, lightheadedness, headaches. What do you advise?

I would see a doctor. You may have low blood volume. I would love to know your heart rate, blood pressure...Depending on how bad they are, you might be sent home with medicine, encouraged to drink fluids or sent to the hospital.

Eatting more than normal, over emotional, headaches, nasuea, stomach aches, dizziness, weight gain (10 lbs) what could this be this?

Many possibilities. You need to see a pcp and be fully evaluated with history, physical exam and possibly labs. When and if organic causes have been excluded you might be referred to a psychotherapist, but it is too early to make that determination. Go and get seen.
Headaches. Could be hormone related, likely thyroid., diabetes may present in many ways too. Migraines is another possibility. Check with your physician for adequate diagnosis and treatment. Hope you feel better soon, .

Any possible diagnosis for constant fatigue, headaches, and dizziness? And frequent stomach aches? I have had loads of tests done but no diagnosis

Lots of things. Poor diet, deconditioning (out of shape), migraine disorders, sleep disorder, anxiety, depression, Lyme disease...the list is pretty extensive. I would gather together all the results of your tests, organize them by date and then keep a symptom diary for 1 month. Take all this information to a fresh set of eyes (maybe family medicine or internal medicine) to review.
Functional medicine. I recommend you find a functional medicine doctor and work with them to find your root causes of your symptoms. You can search for one near you at www. Functionalmedicine. Org. Click on Find a Practitioner to find an IFM certified Practitioner near you.
Symptomatology. With all your problems and negative tests, I would recommend that you see a psychologist or psychotherapist for symptomsof depression or anxiety.
Many Causes. There are many possibilities. Dehydration, low blood sugar, viral processes like mono, or sinus/ inner ear issues, stress, poor sleep, pregnancy, anemia, thyroid dysfunction, as well as tick-born diseases. All of which may cause headache. The list goes on. My thought in a healthy person with reportedly normal labs would be to ensure enough water, sleep and routine meals between now and follow-up.

I have been getting headaches, stomach aches and dizzy spells. And I am very moody. Why?

Needs Evaluation. You need more evaluation. You may be just having a viral illness or you could have some problem in your head such as a tumor. Don't waste time researching on the web. Start with a primary care doctor. They may send you for additional studies or get a neurology consultation.

I feel sick tired get headaches fell dizzy when I stand up breathless get hot&cold flushes stomach ache and hardlly hungry. I'm a 19 female what's wrong?

See your doctor. These symptoms are not specific enough to provide you an answer but given your age, it is likely not serious - this could be a viral syndrome that would be self-limited. Nevertheless, if associated with fever, weight loss, chronicity more than 7 days, or worsening symptoms, you should see your physician. Meanwhile, make sure you are well-hydrated, rest and if necessary, take tylenol (acetaminophen) per directions.

Will I vomit? Excess salivation, stomach aches, headache, sore throat, tired, dizzy when I stand up

Maybe. Will you vomit? You sure can, but not sure if you actually will. Some have a strong vomiting reflex while other don't. Your symptoms are definitely suggestive of someone who is on the verge of doing so.