Can carpet beetles cause itchy bumps?

Yes. Capet beetles can cause a variety of rashes, even asthma and nasal allergy attaccks. For more information, see http://ento. Psu. Edu/extension/factsheets/carpet-beetle-dermatitis.

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What are the causes of tiny itchy bumps on bellybutton?

Nickel allergy. Nickel allergy from the snaps on blue jeans or a metal belt buckle is a common cause of an itchy red rash near the umbilicus (belly button). A dermatologist or allergist can confirm using an allergy patch test.

What causes the itchy bumps when mosquitoes bite us?

See below. When the mosquito drinks blood, she injects an anticoagulant to keep the blood from clotting. The anticoagulant, like all foreign proteins, activates the immune system. This causes a local allergic reaction around the bite.
Mosquito Bites. Recent research has shown that itching due to mosquito occurs through a histamine-independent peripheral pathway. See http://www. Rosslab. Neurobio. Pitt. Edu/mbi/. Mosquitoes have an anticoagulant in their saliva, so bruising is common. Get help if there are signs of infection. Signs of infection can include: increased swelling, redness, tenderness, ^ pain, warmth, red streaks, purulent drainage, >

What might cause painful, itchy bumps on the toes?

Athletes foot. The main cause of this may be athletes foot. Other causes may be an allergic dermatitis. See your podiatrist for a detailed diagnosis and treatment medication.
Fungal disease. Itchy, painful bumps on the toes may be caused by a fungal disease. You may also have contact dermatitis. See a podiatrist for evaluation, possible culture, and treatment with medication. In the meantime, keep your feet dry, allow them some sunshine and air, and try zeasorb powder in your shoes to absorb moisture.

I have these really red itchy bumps all over my body I scrach them cause they itch bad but everytime I do I wake up the next morning with more?

How long? If it lasts over 6 weeks, see an allergist. If it is short term, try some otc antihistamine up to 4 x the regular frequency but watch out for drowsiness. If it did not work, see an allergist.

Can Abilify (aripiprazole) cause you to break out into tiny itchy bumps? I 've been on it for about a week, ran out for a couple of day and started back on it today

Any drug can. Nearly all drugs can cause a skin rash in some people. Thus if one develops a rash or any other side effects within hours or days after taking a new drug, it is considered guilty until proven innocent.