When I reached healthy weight, still had high cholest. Had gallbladder sympt, no stones. Rec. Hida scan for possible "sand." gallbldder sand=hi chol?

Gallbladder problem. The classic presentation of acute cholecystitis (gallbladder attack) is due to gall stones, but many people have only what is called "sludge", which is a residue of fine granular material--the same that is in a stone--but it doesn't coalesce into a stone. In many people this sludge causes no symptoms, but in a few it can cause symptoms just like acute gallstone(2). This is not a marker for hi chol.
Not necessarily. "sand" in the gallbladder is called sludge, which can become a stone in the future. High levels of cholesterol increases your risk for developing gallbladder sludge and possible stones.