I am 32 weeks pregnant and I suffer from a hard low back pain. What shall I do?

Do not delay. Back pain can be a sign of labor. Only having digital exams of the cervix and monitoring for uterine contractions can determine if labor is occurring. If there is preterm labor, there are steps that must be taken quickly. Therefore, most experienced obs advise patients to go to labor and delivery immediately.
Tylenol (acetaminophen) Low back pain is exceedingly common in pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. Tylenol (acetaminophen) is generally safe in pregnancy. You can also try some heating pads and stretching to alleviate the pain. See a doctor if you have any vaginal bleeding, loss of fluid, contractions, or can't feel the baby moving.
Pain management. If there is no other health issues, patient is usually advised to do physical therapy or prenatal yoga classes can be helpful.
Back pain. In addition end to aforementioned therapies, passive and active stretching can help. In passive stretching, an experienced physical therapist or massage professional stretches different areas of the body to get relief. Osteopathic manipulative therapy may also help.
Back pain. Low back pain is a common complaint during pregnancy. It usually is caused by mechanical factors, rather than disc herniation. We suggest nonpharmacologic interventions for management of low back pain in pregnancy, rather than surgery or medication. If medication is needed, Acetaminophen appears to be a safe and effective initial choice.
Wear support garment. The ligaments of the low back get stretch until you have reached 34 weeks gestation. A good support garment such as a nana support, lift at the round ligament and then go around the body to support the low back. Avoid heavy lifting, greater than 10 lbs and no squatting.
Common problem. Back pain is common in later pregnancy. There are several different styles of slings and supports which can help as can an experienced massage therapist or accupuncturist.

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I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I'm having bad lower back pain and bleeding/spotting with some cramping?

Go to hospital. These symptoms warrant a trip to labor and delivery to make sure you're not going into preterm labor. Don't wait until morning, go now.

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and feel awful I feel like I have to poop but nothing, I pee every 2 mins can't sleep at nite, lower back pain help?

Mass vs multiple. Question of abnormal position of the fetus arises, or perhaps multiple babies present in the uterus. You need to have gyn exam with probable ultrasound of uterus to determine what is wrong. Fibroid could be involved....any mass might give you such symptoms and interfere with your organ functioning and baby's position.
It is common. What you are describing is common in pregnancy. Take more fiber diet and stool softener. Are you checked for diabetes?
3rd trimester. It is possibly the position of the baby. If the baby is pressing on your bladder and spine and even rectum, you can get all of these symptoms. Run it by your obstetrician.

Is lower back pain a sign of approaching labour? Only 32 weeks pregnant

No. It may be totally unrelated to pre term labour. Low back pain is something most women experience during the last trimester of pregnancy due to spine curvature.

32 weeks pregnant, loads of loose watery diaherra, pressure to push, lower back pain. Lasting 2 days now, should I be worried?

Talk to OB/midwife. I would talk to my Obstetrician or midwife about your symptoms. These may be signs of early labor (very early). It would be best to let your caregivers know.
Worry Yes. You should be more worried than you are. Asking strangers on the internet when your pregnancy is at risk is too little worry. Please contact your OB now. Urgently. Today.

I'm 33 weeks 4 days pregnant my stomach feels rock hard and I have lower back pain what is this?

On/gyn. Contact your obstetrician if you have new symptoms. Back pain can be caused by urinary obstruction or infection among other problems. Do not delay.
Should be checked. Rock hard abdomen can mean the lining of the abdominal cavity is irritated as well as other potential issues that need to be evaluated when pregnant. It may also involve some other simpler things like constipation but being pregnant is something that I would recommend being evaluated right away.

6wks pregnant. Pain in right ovary is on and off. Was severe last night-hard to breathe, but just tender now. Inconsistent. Coupled with lower back pain.?

See your doctor. This could be nothing or could represent an ectopic pregnancy or even miscarriage if you had any bleeding with it. Hopefully it's nothing, but get checked out as soon as possible by your family doctor or OB. If it gets worse, you should seek emergency care in an ED as a ruptured ectopic pregnancy is often a surgical emergency. I don't mean to scare you, just want you to know it could be serious.