What is vitamin b17?

Vitamin B17? Since the early 1950s, a modified form of amygdalin has been promoted under the names laetrile and "vitamin b17" as a cancer cure. In reality, laetrile is not a vitamin, and studies have found it to be ineffective, dangerously toxic due to its cyanide content, and potentially lethal. Medical experts issue a strong warning against its use.
Not a vitamin. Commonly known a laetrile, this is a product of apricot pits that was heavily advertised as a cancer treatment but called vitamin b 17 in the hopes that the fda would ignore it under its rules about not supervising vitamins. It is the classic example of quack medicine and has been proven to be of no use medically.
Health fraud. This was the most lucrative of all the cancer treatment frauds, and probably the most cynical and cruellest. The facts are available to anyone and speak for themselves. If you are offered "vitamin B17" or "laetrile" for cancer, you are being targeted as a sucker. If there were an easy cure for cancer, politicians and spymasters wouldn't still die of the disease.

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What does vitamin b17 do for your health?

It's fake. B17 is a fictitious vitamin. It was the basis of the most vicious of all cancer scams -- laetrile -- which created over 100 new millionaires during the 1970s. Everything you read about it being beneficial to your health is a cynical lie. Please be discerning, Anton. Don't reward these people's deceiving you with even a small amount of your honestly-earned money. Read more...